Penland Part 2: My Time At the Hot Shop

While at Penland I was lucky enough to befriend some of the amazing glass artists.  The hot shop was a very fun and special place to hang out around because of everyone's awesome attitudes and incredible talent.  One night I was lucky enough to bring my camera to the hot shop and take some photographs working with the ambient light produced by the furnaces and molten glass.  These images were a real challenge to make because of the insane lighting conditions, but it was one of the most fun experiences I have had with photography.

Besides shooting in the studio, I was lucky enough to photograph some of my friends amazing work that I wanted to share.  Check out their websites and other works because these folks are making some of the most awesome pieces of functional art that I have seen.


The past few weeks I have spent in the mountains of North Carolina at Penland School of Crafts.  It was an amazing experience studying under the amazing Jo Whaley and learning new techniques and approaches to photography and lighting which I had never experimented with.


More images from Penland coming soon...ish...